Construction rework is responsible for 10% of total construction costs. Most of that is preventable if mistakes are caught early and inspections are done often. Avvir provides an end-to-end construction monitoring service to solve this. By automating the processes around data acquisition, visualization, and analysis, they can provide real time insights into the state of a project including progress monitoring and defect detection.


Avvir, an automated construction verification startup, needed a product design that would represent the future of construction software. This was more significant in a market where legacy systems hadn’t seen enough innovation from a technical and interface design perspective. 

Avvir reached out to HatFactory to design a visually impactful and functional upgrade from traditional systems. Their goal was to build a modern & effective toolset for users, create fast and functional transitional UI components, and make the the complicated language involved in the process more digestible for the end consumer, whether you are in the industry or not.


In 2018, BIM software is still suffering from a case of legacy design. Avvir wanted to push the envelope for modern and effective design in the space so we designed both the main viewer and admin dashboards to showcase significant visual upgrades without sacrificing quality or functionality. The new design allows for users to utilize components quicker and move around the app with more fluidity.


An important problem to solve was the ability to get more things done within the app without having to jump through too many screens. This is a current issue, industry wide. We increased the accessibility to work with important components directly from your viewer, without having to spend time jumping in and out of your dashboard. This cuts down on general friction within the app and ultimately allows end users to accomplish more in less time.


Construction technology is an industry that includes a lot of technical jargon. And when you are carving a niche inside of a complicated industry, it can be challenging to effectively communicate your product and its goal. We worked with the team to pull out some of the key messaging to frame a more digestible marketing message. We then applied that messaging across the entire platform.  


With the introduction of this new design, our team is helping Avvir turn heads in the construction tech space with an innovative product that is creating a new solution for construction QA with a fresh interface to match.  

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