Feastly is a growing community of eaters and Chefs who want more from dining. The Feastly platform is a central marketplace where passionate Chefs connect with adventurous eaters seeking more authentic dining options by offering unique meals served in a Chef’s home or certified venue. In lowering the barriers to entry for Chefs to share their culinary skills and stories with the world, Feastly aims to let Chefs monetize their passions and provide exciting new food opportunities for eaters.


Feastly has positioned a new type of marketplace attempting to revolutionize a food tech industry that has seen little technological innovation over the past few decades. Feastly’s highest priority is creating the best avenue for Chefs to deliver unique culinary experiences, manage their personal business, and most importantly, giving diners an easy to use and engaging platform. 

The team reached out to us to look at the platform with fresh eyes. We were tasked with redesigning the entire Chef experience to make daily operations more effecient, and give users more tools to succeed in growing their brand and following. So we dug in.


In order to accomplish our goal of overhauling the Chef’s tools, we had to look at the current feature set holistically and attack from the top down. Our teams mission was to make the transition to Feastly, from modern management tools, seamless for Chefs. There was no need to reinvent the wheel. The key was to cater the new experience to private dining and to the natural work flow of a private Chef.


One of the most important factors in making the Chef experience more efficient was building a more powerful and robust messaging center. Whether you need to message your guestlist before an event, an individual follower of your brand or launch a marketing message to your entire network, our new messaging system facilitates it.


Another part of upgrading the Chef experience was giving their diners easy access to available private venues to choose from. If the venue is in a Chefs market, and their menu is chosen by the diner, the pairing process of a Chef and diner requesting a private meal is seamless. 

The new booking process now gives all available parties multiple touchpoints from beginning to end. This includes a continual chat window with all vendors to work out any additional details. 



At the end of this project we are able to provide Chefs expansive new tools to make their job more efficient, and grow their brand. This new design is now the template for a number of new product offerings we will continue to develop with the Feastly team. 

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