HigherMe is one of the premier technology solutions for hourly worker hiring in the United States and Canada. They build products that allow for employers to cut through the clutter and find great reliable people to help run their businesses. They provide a suite of software tools that improve efficiency and reduce turnover, and in turn, give the ability to quickly and consistently hire better quality employees. 


HigherMe was at a critical part of growth with a customer base happy with the platform but hungry for additional features. They wanted to expand their HR capabilities beyond the “hire” transaction and build a straight forward onboarding process. This was going to give them access to a larger client pool and allow current customers to extend their hiring experience without having to use any additional services. Having designed a previous product for the team, HigherMe reached out to Hat Factory to design another great user experience. 


The employment onboarding process can be a strenuous one. As a user, you’re faced with endless pages of forms that you may have already completed during the application process and this generally leaves new hires confused and frustrated. It’s a time consuming endeavor and HigherMe didn’t want to make the same mistake as it’s competitors. 


Our design team experimented with simple, interchangeable components that made the experience clean and clear for both employers and new hires. 

This allowed us to give both end users similar experiences that catered to their specific workflow. 


Employee onboarding is traditionally filled with a lot of friction so we designed every layer of the interface in an effort to strip away the noise involved with completing your administrative docs. New hires simply go through their checklist, review it and send it off. This information will then live in their employee profiles for future access by both parties. 


Our team focused on designing a final product that was clean, simple and a natural extension of the hiring process within the HigherMe platform. By doing so we were able to make the entire platform more valuable to current customers and give new potential customers a better alternative to HR with a more full circle product offering. 

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